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Foreign Trade Manager Z-X-N Introduction

01) Beginning in 1993, foreign trade managers developed in Guangzhou, China with his English professional skills. In order to adapt to the rise of the Internet, he learned website construction and keyword technology.

02) Since 2000, take advantage of mastering English and website design and website promotion, foreign exchange manager created his own factory and manufactured exported products worldwide.

03) Since 2007, take advantage of large amount foreign exchange, foreign exchange manager shifted focus to financial investment, and start learning, study, small-scale pilot to invest in foreign exchange.

04) Since 2008, take advantage of international financial markets, foreign exchange managers began large-scale capital investment and trading in financial institutions and foreign exchange bank of United Kingdom, Switzerland, Hong Kong.

05) Since 2015, take advantage of eight years investment experiences, foreign exchange manager start operating, investing, trading for customers foreign exchange account, starting point of investment account $500,000.

06) During the nearly 20 years of investment career of foreign trade managers, driven by curiosity and lifelong hobbies, foreign trade managers have never stopped studying website construction technology and keywords. The website structure ranges from Fontpage to Wordpress to Bootstrap. Languages from Html to PHP are constantly refined, streamlined, and optimized. The website control panel operation and maintenance are constantly updated from FTP, filezilla to Cpanel, and then to domestic BT. Today, website construction, advertise and promotion technology has reached an extremely high level. Starting from 2023, no fees will be charged, only rely on technical strength to find overseas export projects, and help children start their own businesses. The premise of cooperation: high-tech special products.

Why get involved in the field of financial investment and return to foreign trade again?

Long-term investment does not require daily trading, or even a few months without trading.

I am old, and my child is growing up, and I want to find something for my child to do, at least they don't have to work for others, survive by looking at people's faces.

Superb network promotion technology is actually my special hobby. During the investment period, I have been helping people for free. Now I want to use this secret technology to help my children.

The plan of operating for owner of Foreign Trade Managers

No fee, no fee, no fee!

If the cooperation intention is reached, the general intermediary contract will be signed, and the cooperation will start.

Cooperation entrusts customers to provide enough pictures and video materials, foreign trade managers use pay-to-click technology, and high-tech special products can be effective on the same day!

After obtaining customers, the foreign trade manager pushes inquiries to the entrusted cooperative customers, and the cooperative customers directly quote to overseas customers, and after the intention is reached, the contract is signed directly, the payment is received directly, and the shipment is delivered directly.

After the cooperative client signs a contract with an overseas client, in order to protect the rights and interests of the foreign trade manager, an intermediary contract should also be signed with the foreign trade manager.

When the cooperative customer does not actively provide pictures and video materials, or is unwilling to perform the intermediary contract, it will be regarded as a breach of contract and the contract will be automatically terminated.

In the process of direct contact with overseas customers by cooperative customers, the emails or documents in the whole process of communication should be copied (CC) to the foreign trade manager. If the foreign trade manager is not asked to come forward to assist, the foreign trade manager will remain silent throughout the process.

Reward plan for foreign trade managers

Cooperative customers will pay the pre-agreed business remuneration after receiving the payment in stages from overseas customers.

Business remuneration shall be agreed in advance as a percentage of the total contract amount.

If the cooperative customer breaches the contract, the foreign trade manager will no longer promote for the entrusted cooperative customer.

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