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Foreign Trade Manager · MWP · How it works?

The big trouble that people who don't understand website editing are most afraid of is the big trouble of constantly updating and adding website content and website menu content.

Using superb operation and maintenance technology, foreign trade managers can not only operate and maintain hundreds of websites at the same time. And using the PHP language include technology, the menu file uses the include function, no matter how much menu content is added, no matter how much web page content is added, one-click modification, and all the content of the website will be updated in seconds.

The advantage of registering many website domain names is that the content is roughly the same, and the style can be the same or different. The goal is to get more traffic and exposure opportunities.

Another advantage of multiple websites is that after the paid click flow stops, the platform side will be prevented from filtering out all the content related to you when excluding your search keywords with the robot program. Separate paid websites from natural ones, that is, effectively separate the embedded keywords, and prevent the hidden danger of natural traffic blocking after stopping paying.

Foreign Trade Manager · MCP · Is it necessary?

Establish multiple channels on a certain platform in order to obtain more traffic and exposure opportunities.

The advantage of establishing multiple channels is to prevent the normal flow of other channels once one channel is blocked.

Foreign Trade Manager · MPP · Is it necessary?

Build operation channels on different professional and subdivided platforms to find users who need unpopular products for unpopular products, making search positioning more accurate and effective.

Soberly realize that a very professional and unique platform is aimed at a certain group of people, and an ordinary, fast-selling, and daily necessities display platform is aimed at all groups of people.
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