Operating, investing, trading for global customers' foreign exchange account!

Accept MAM, PAMM, LAMM, and foreign exchange bank accounts entrust!

Profits are shared in half, and losses are shared in a quarter! Potential clients can see the latest performance of managers!

Foreign Exchange Manager Z-X-N

01) Since 1993, foreign exchange manager worked in the packaging field of southern China.

02) Since 2000, take advantage of mastering English and website design and website promotion, foreign exchange manager created his own factory and manufactured exported products worldwide.

03) Since 2007, take advantage of large amount foreign exchange, foreign exchange manager shifted focus to financial investment, and start learning, study, small-scale pilot to invest in foreign exchange.

04) Since 2008, take advantage of international financial markets, foreign exchange managers began large-scale capital investment and trading in financial institutions and foreign exchange bank of United Kingdom, Switzerland, Hong Kong.

05) Since 2015, take advantage of eight years investment experiences, foreign exchange manager start operating, investing, trading for customers foreign exchange account, starting point of investment account $500,000.

06) We welcome cautious and conservative clients to test the trading ability of fund managers. you can provide a pilot trading account with a starting point of $50,000.

* Foreign exchange manager only use your trading account operating, investing, trading, foreign exchange manager do not hold your money, preferred to accept joint trading account.

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