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A few words introduce MAM · PAMM Technology

MAM is the abbreviation of Multi-Account Management. PAMM is the abbreviation of Percentage Allocation Management Module. Different platform provider have different names, but the meaning is the same.

MAM · PAMM is a general management account, the client commissioned the foreign exchange manager to use MAM · PAMM account to manage their own trading account, and the customer's account will be placed under the MAM · PAMM.

MAM · PAMM foreign exchange manager trade an order each time,the order will be automatically allocated to each client's account that based on the proportion of each client's funds size. MAM · PAMM clients can log on read-only account and can not trade on their own.

MAM · PAMM clients can withdraw their account from MAM · PAMM foreign exchange manager's account at any time, and then, the clients can trade their own accounts.

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