Operating, investing, trading for customers foreign exchange account!

A few words introduce "entrust-management" of family funds with MAM · PAMM

You want to invest, and you find a trading platform provider who you trust, you have your own trading account, then, you sign a trading commission agreement through your platform provider, entrust your trading account to me to trade, the income between you and me are cutting by your platform provider.

Why Safe?

1)Because, I only use your trading account to trade, I do not hold your money, preferred to accept joint trading account *.

2)Because, the client's fund in the foreign exchange bank, in addition to be transferred to the account holder himself, can not be transferred to third parties, this is guild regulations. The transfer rules is different with general commercial bank.

Joint trading account: couple jointed, couple and children jointed, friend jointed。
Benefits: even if an accident occurs, one of the joint account holders is still securely control the power of funds transfer.

Management Module • PAMM • LAMM • POA • MAM

Managed account area • London • Switzerland • Hongkong

The customers who hold the identity card of the People's Republic of China are not accepted.

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